ANGGLZ™ Knee Rest


ANGGLZ knee rest and seat accessory, providing you with portable knee support. Take pressure off your kneecap and surrounding areas while sitting. ANGGLZ aids in recovery and helps reduce pain for use in travel, home, office and school. Currently sizing for people 5’10” and under.

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Introducing ANGGLZ Knee Rest, your ultimate companion for knee comfort and recovery on the go. This innovative knee rest stands out as it requires no bracing or attachments, making it universally compatible with most deep seated chairs. It's specifically recommended for individuals 5’10” and under and for extended periods of sitting. ANGGLZ provides targeted support for the recovery of knee injuries and pain.

The versatility of the ANGGLZ Knee Rest is unmatched. Designed for knees, it can be utilized alongside ice and compression, enhancing your recovery process. Its portability is a game changer, enabling you to bring knee comfort wherever life takes you - long car rides, waiting for your next flight, at your desk job, or even while studying at the library. The possibilities are truly endless.
ANGGLZ Knee Rests adapts to your lifestyle, offering relief and support exactly when and where you need it. Our knee products come with a drawstring bag for effortless transportation.

Manufactured from durable materials, the ANGGLZ Knee Rest promises longevity and resilience. Choose ANGGLZ Knee Rests to protect your knees and preserve your joint mobility - the portable solution to knee pain and recovery.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 cm


Folded Length


Max Length (Unfolded)


Overall Width


Overall Height (Folded)



fiber glass reinforced ABS, with 304 stainless steel and brass hardware


Estimating 0.70 lbs/317g

What People Say


“I sat at my computer all day with your Angglz and my knee feels great!!”


“On the road!! I’m liking it.”


“Using the Angglz again today. Driving is one of the things that agitates my IT band. Constantly switching from the gas and the brake pedal. I guess that little extra support relieves some of the tension.”


“This is a smart product! Great for ankles in addition to knees. My 17-year-old has been through complete ankle dislocation and two ACL surgeries in the past three years so we are well-versed in elevating and the challenges especially with school.”


“I just returned from a 10 hour drive from Florida visiting family. I don’t think I could have made it without the Angglz. It really took the stress off my knee.”


“I can actually sit and not have to reposition every couple of minutes. I went to a restaurant over the weekend and knew I was gonna be there a while. I brought it with me. So glad I did!”

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