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General Questions

What is a portable knee rest for seats?

A portable knee rest is a device you can take with you to support your knee on various seats in a variety of situations.

How does the knee rest work?

Please refer to the video as well as listed instructions on our webpage. The knee rest works at two different angles and is placed under your knee while sitting.

What are the benefits of using a portable knee rest for seats?

Reduce wear and tear on the kneecap, provide stability and support when injured, reduce pain when sitting, relax the muscles in the lower leg, potential for elevation and improved circulation.

Who can benefit from using this product?

This product is for the recovery of knee injury and pain in the conservative management of knee care. We have seen some initial secondary benefits for people suffering from sciatica.

Product Details

What materials is the knee rest made of?

Fiber glass reinforced ABS, with 304 stainless steel and brass hardware

Is it adjustable for different seat sizes?

No, not yet. The current product is adjustable by angle, not seat sizes. Currently, the knee rest is recommended for a deep seated chair greater than 18 inches of seat depth.

What is the weight capacity of the knee rest?

200 lbs.

Can it be used on various types of seats (e.g., office chairs, car seats, stadium seats)?

Absolutely. The deeper the chair or seat the better and more effective the knee rest will feel. Also, it depends on how soft the cushion of the seat is, the softer the cushion is the less supportive the knee support will be as well because it just will not hold its angle. The support is for a standard chair height and one that is deep seated.

Usage & Maintenance

How do I use the knee rest?

Please refer to the “How to” section.

Can it be used for both short and long periods of sitting?

Yes, however it most valuable for longer periods of sitting during work or travel.

How do I clean and maintain the knee rest?

The knee rest should easily wipe clean and is best maintained covered and transported in its carrying pouch.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Is the knee rest comfortable for extended periods of use?

Yes. As always it is recommended to take standing and/or movement breaks during prolonged periods of sitting.

Does it provide adequate support for the knees and lower body?

It provides support for the knee joint and surrounding muscles and ligaments. The knee rest is not intended to provide support for the entire lower body at this time.

Portability & Storage

How portable is the knee rest?

Folded length: 9.75″/250mm
Max length (unfolded): 18.00″/457mm
Overall width: 3.65″/93mm
Overall height (folded): 1.65″/42mm

Can it be easily transported and stored?

Yes, the knee support weighs less than a pound and can be easily transported from one location the next.

Does it come with a carrying case or bag?

The knee support comes in a draw string bag.

Ordering & Shipping

What are the available payment options?

We accept credit cards and apple pay. If you are having any issues with our card processor, please contact us at

What is the shipping process and timeframe?

Approximately 2 to 4 weeks

Warranty & Returns

Does the knee rest come with a warranty?

No, there is no warranty at this time.

What is the return policy?

There are no returns currently, however if you have a concern and you are not completely satisfied with your purchase do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to resolve the issue.

How do I contact customer support for assistance?

Please email us at

Still have questions?

Contact us for further assistance.

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